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TrustLink Officers are an important part of the service we provide to provide a physical response service. However, unlike the other components of TrustLink where we can provide a telephone monitoring service nationwide, the response service is currently only available throughout Cheshire East and some neighbouring towns and villages.

Like the control centre, our TrustLink Officers also work 24 hours a day every day of the year and are some of the most regularly, highly trained, adaptable people we have working for the whole organisation.  Our team expect the unexpected and face false alarms, genuine life-threatening emergencies and bereavements as part of their job role.  The training we provide fully equips them for any and all eventualities.

Our TrustLink Officers are very well equipped with a wide range of equipment. From being there purely to respond to emergencies through to daily visits, routine equipment checks, 100th birthday gift deliveries and even a cup of tea and a chat.  We will provide you with a full breakdown of the service levels during the assessment and demonstration.  Just like your equipment, the service levels can be amended as you see fit. We can raise service levels and reduce service levels whenever you like, or even provide a short-term enhancement to provide additional support post-hospitalisation - it really is up to you.