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The Independent Living Team are not only engaged to perform the initial assessment, recommendation and demonstration of telecare equipment.  They are a multi-skilled team and can provide a great many more services to our customers, new and existing.

TrustLink work with a diverse client group and many customers find our services at a time of great need. Very few people come to us for preventative or early intervention services which, when cases of confusion, dementia and Alzheimer's are considered, they really should do. As simple actions are recalled by people suffering with these conditions - 'push the red button to get help' works particularly well for people who have got used to the equipment before conditions worsen.
The Independent Living Advisors always carry with them relevant professional tools and stocks of equipment to ensure they can respond to any eventuality.  As mentioned above, assessments are usually for those in immediate need so once a demonstration has been completed and all concerned are happy with the recommendation and operating process, we have the ability to install all of the equipment discussed (with the exception of the Gas detector as a qualified electrician is required to perform this work).

Our advisors have installed well over 5,000 pieces of equipment over the last few years and have had high level training from our in-house repairs, fitting and health & safety teams.  That said, the standard equipment needs no tools what-so-ever to install and will be in place and fully operational within minutes.

Where additional telecare sensors are required, many of those also require no permanent fixing to the property.  Those that do, such as smoke alarms, door exit sensors and motion detectors are held in place by an appropriate fixing (screws, plugs etc.) and are placed discreetly.  This means they are easy to maintain and remove with little damage to the appearance and décor.  The added benefit is that should recovery take place and some equipment need removing, it can be done quickly with the minimum of fuss, a house move poses no issues either.

Alternatively, should additional support be required, a brief visit by one of our Advisors to install the pre-programmed additional equipment will give that peace of mind you need to continue with your comfort and independence.  The following link takes you to a website that shows you different telecare options in the home.