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Equipment demonstration

Once we have a confirmed time to meet with you, our Independent Living Advisors ensure they have enough equipment with them to perform a relevant demonstration of the equipment they can recommend.

The demonstration usually follows the assessment and recommendation of equipment but does not have to.

Before we conclude the demonstration, the customer, family members, carers and any other person involved will be able to gain hands on experience in how to activate and de-activate the equipment.

The demonstration will help provide real reassurance in terms of how user-friendly and simple the equipment is to use on a daily basis.


Assessing your needs

This is the first step in helping you to feel a renewed sense of safety, security and independence.  Our Independent Living Advisors are a team of highly skilled, experienced people who have a vast knowledge of the equipment and services we provide.

In a comfortable, friendly manner, we talk with you and try to find out what has become more challenging, where your concerns are and what help you would like.

 This ensures any recommendation we make takes into account all aspects of our customers lives and is designed to offer maximum benefit to you.


Offering specific advice

Once the assessment has been completed, our team review the information with you.  Taking into account your current needs and your home environment, our Advisors will make a recommendation based on your circumstances.

The vast majority of our customers only require the standard equipment to give you the peace of mind you are looking for, if you have have recently returned home from Hospital, additional sensors such as falls detectors, bed & chair sensors and motion detectors can prove invaluable.

Our expertise stretches to more complex issues such as incontinence, epilepsy, dementia and even Alzheimer's and autism.  We have experience in creating bespoke solutions for you, and can confidently advise on, and deliver, relevant solutions.