Consultancy & Partnerships
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Consultancy & Partnerships

Peaks & Plains Housing Trust is exceptionally proud of the TrustLink service and has great expectations for it's future.  Instead of chasing accolades for the number of connections we have, or the geographic reach of the service we provide, TrustLink focussed on getting the quality processes and procedures to a market-leading standard before taking the product to market.

TrustLink has consistently been on of telecares' quality pioneers.  Always being one of the first to achieve the ever increasing quality standards and performance benchmarks, our commitment and drive to exceed customer expectations is unquestionable.

TrustLink is currently awaiting our second stage audit for a service specific ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in January 2012 where it is widely expected to achieve all that is required of it.

Being a part of the TSA (Telecare Services Association) Platinum Membership, we have delivered services over and above the most challenging performance requirements consistently for all elements (assessment, installation, monitoring and response).

As a charitable organisation and not-for-profit company, Peaks & Plains have been using surplus funds to improve the service and make it ready to take to market as the best value for money service available today.

TrustLink is now in a position to effectively provide a full, or part, consultancy service for clients who would like to develop an independent living service for their customers.

We can consult on all elements of a telecare provision and help your organisation create a service from the ground up.  We can help develop your offer, the processes and procedures that underpin the services, job descriptions and person specifications for recruitment, manufacturer & supplier connections, joint procurement initiatives, marketing and sales plans, product knowledge, installation techniques, monitoring software options, database creation, call handling, response services, TSA membership and all other elements of service delivery.

We will only work with 4 customers per year on a consultancy basis so as not to dilute the quality of the work we do with you.  We would view the project in true partnership terms and will invest time and resource to help you create a truly valuable service.

It may be that you only want to deliver some of the services as you have areas of your current company that provide cross-over.  We can help and support you to create, for example, an in-house assessment, installation, maintenance and response service whilst offering competitive rates for monitoring
services managed by our award winning in-house team.  

Ultimately, we offer a flexible approach to consultancy and will help with as much
or as little as you want.  We can also help existing providers to improve so they
can achieve greater accreditation should they wish.