Trust Alert
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Trust Alert

TrustAlert is a very popular service that has been developed specifically for customers who have a care package in place.

We appreciate the vital and important work carers do and at the same time, how vital and important their work is. 

TrustAlert is there to help customer and carer alike.  It is there for situations where your care has not or can't be delivered by your carer for whatever reason.

TrustLink issue your carer with an ACE Card (Alert Card for Emergencies) which contains a contact number in case of emergencies.  Should anything happen to your carer, all they need to do is call the number on the card.

Whilst they are speaking with our control centre staff, your records will be accessed so we can immediately act in accordance with the instructions held on your account.  These instructions will have been agreed in advance and will ensure that your needs are responded to accordingly.