What is TrustLink?
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What is TrustLink?

TrustLink is a team of dedicated, highly trained people who deliver independent / assisted living solutions.  We help people of all ages and abilities to live safely and securely with confidence in their own homes providing family and friends with real peace of mind.  We have achieved the highest quality accreditation from our industry body the TSA (Telecare Services Authority), one of the first to do so.

The TrustLink team consists of 3 interlinking groups of professionals led by a Senior Manager and 3 Team Leaders.  The Management team alone has almost 70 years experience providing independent living services in one form or another.  Having been involved since the inception of these services, years before the current technology was available, TrustLink incorporates the very best elements of services from nearly 3 decades of delivery and combines them to deliver market-leading services to a vastly diverse client group.  The 3 teams are:

Independent Living - a small team who pride themselves on their wealth of knowledge relating to all current technologies and how they can be applied and tailored to give independence, safety and security to almost any individual irrespective of how complex their specific circumstances may be.

Control Centre - the backbone of the service, our control centre team deliver services 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Highly trained to rapidly identify the real issue and react accordingly ensuring our customers get the most effective and efficient response to their needs.

Response - the response team is not for everyone, you may not require TrustLink to respond to an alarm as all you need is an alert to a family member / carer or friend.  However, if you do, our field based TrustLink Officers are highly trained professionals who have specialist aids, skills and knowledge to ensure you, or your loved ones, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing someone who can help is always on hand.  Currently, our response service is only available in selected areas, to find out more contact us.