What Is Telecare?
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What Is Telecare?

'Telecare' is a combination of equipment and services that are specifically designed to support your safety and independence. There is an extensive range of equipment and specialist sensors that monitor risks such as smoke, floods and gas. They can even remind you to take pills and automatically call for help if you fall. Advanced sensors and equipment can also help people with more complex issues such as dementia, Alzheimer's and autism to lead a more independent life. They can also be a lifeline for the families and loved ones who tirelessly support people. TrustLink creates solutions that give independence back to carers too.

Our control centre is contacted automatically if any of the above problems (and more) occur. If needed the control centre team can arrange for a family member, a TrustLink Officer, your G.P. or the Emergency Services to come to you. The system can be configured to warn you of problems by sounding an alarm, speaking a reminder, flashing lights or vibrating a box. TrustLink's Independent Living Advisors can help you through the assessment process and, by using their extensive product knowledge, advise which equipment will provide you with the greatest benefit.

There are many more telecare definitions available. Government Procurement Services on behalf of the NHS has the following definition:
"Telecare describes any service that brings health and social care directly to a user, generally in their homes, supported by information and communication technology. It covers social alarms, lifestyle monitoring and telehealth (remote monitoring of vital signs for diagnosis, assessment and prevention). Telecare covers a wide range of equipment (detectors, monitors, alarms, pendants etc) and services (monitoring, call centres and response). Telecare equipment is provided to support an individual in their home and tailored to meet their needs. Telecare services range from a basic community alarm service that is able to respond to an emergency and provide regular contact by telephone to an integrated system that includes detectors or monitors (ie motion, falls, fire and gas) that trigger a warning to a response centre."

A common definition found throughout Government publications and discussed on
the Telecare aware website is:
"Telecare is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time in order to manage the risks associated with independent living."

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